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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I hate my stories come with a monotony ending. I would like to have some exciting as well as unpredictable, neither unbearable nor boring. In a blitzkrieg of loving game, I have not excruciated by any girls. Nevertheless, depressing would starts sinking on me, until wee hours, recruiting my perfect soul again, a better girl would have waiting for me. I would have to continue studying hard albeit I was dumped by a girl, first time. (Usually I dumped them, this is the 1st time).

How would it be an ideal ending in a relationship? It seems to be a bit early for me to think about it. In the fast-paced world, everything could have happen but it have denied by time. So, I have to cheer up, stop burdening myself with innocent questions.

Exams are imminent. I wonder how fast a second can passes through my life. I am wondering how the time could stop going on, waiting for me to have enough slumber time.

Hoping my next ending will be a spectacular stunt, not a bored.


ken said...

relationship ends sometimes.. move one and a new one will come.. =)

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