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Monday, April 19, 2010

friend's ship

I have been a long time didn’t check my blog. Gosh….no one can remember here unless who are really follower…

I’m really lethargic for all the exams as well as tuition.

Many sadness coming to my side and I have no point where they from.

Friendship is really a big ship, who doesn’t, means they are living alone, without any company. But in this big ship, who will be the captain? Who will betray this ship? Or who will sacrifice to all the friends in this ship?

No one knows how to sail in the deepless sea. No one will ever cry for this ship. No one will tells jokes when other feel loneliness. Never let the helm changes it direction. I have to go and take control, sailing to another bigger land. I won’t let the ships broke like titanic. I will keep all my promises to you peeps. You jump, I jump.

Intimate friend couldn’t find. I have no choices but heading towards. I can’t let it be. Some injuries won’t recover. But I will be strived to enjoy every memories we will have next time. Keeping my finger crossed and hoping this day comes earlier.

I long to have friends.


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