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Saturday, January 1, 2011


It is time to change.

It is another year we have to experience.

It is tough and harsh as well as it is expenditure.

A new year, a new hope and a new start, what should I do in this year?

It is not late to improve my English.

A long journey starts with a single step; I need to open my mouth to speak.

Nothing else could be archived if we did not start to do.

Nothing we could get if we are lazy.

Nothing could stop us if we strive to do and never give up.

Nothing is impossible.

Every miracle is created by our hands, not day dream.

Reminiscing yesterday, have I done something better compared to yesterday?

This is the question I always ask instead of have I eaten.

Happy 2011.

Triumph 2011-01-01

Never give up- start counting to 2012.

From 2011-01-01, Saturday, 9:10p.m, in front of computer. XD


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