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Friday, April 25, 2014


It is all depends on your heart. But, are they real?

What do I mean real is that you truly know what you want and what you are longing for. There are times where distractions become the mist in your heart, making everything seems blur. There are times where wonderful imagination comes to our mind, making everything seems possible. But, are they really what we wanted in the first place?

Humans’ brains are malfunctioned when decision is needed to be made between what the mind says and what the heart tells. It makes us so hesitated and it lead to the root again, “what do we want?”

It has been a rough days for me to overcome this sickness. Everything from heart seems like a lie, and my mind tell me, dude, it just a joke. There were so many times when I over think the circumstances and the ending which will never happen on me. Even though there are zero chances, brains continue to be the joker and hearts is the liar.

So, always come back and reflect. Ask ourselves,
1. Is it what we need or what we want?
2. Will I regret if I’m not doing it?
3. Am I prepared for it?

Keep the surprise at last.

Who knows what the outcome is and who really cares?

There are always better things ahead, you wait or you grab, on your mark.


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